Welcome to EHT

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies

We are a Canadian based global energy solutions company.

Our unique energy solutions are designed to meet the growing global demand for energy and the need for rapid deployment of bankable technology. 

EHT has taken a step into the future with the fusion of an array of technologies from power production through energy conservation. By implementing high quality hybrid solar, wind and battery systems into our cutting edge energy efficient structural systems EHT is changing the face of the worlds energy use.

Locally sourced and manufactured in one of the 19+ worldwide project bases results in speedy procurement and speedy deployment. This is the quickest solution that is at or exceeding permanent structural standards.

EHT Energy Efficient Buildings

Our experienced architects, technicians and construction teams design and build various structures and energy systems suited to the end-users needs. Adaptable to different sizes and needs from temporary shelters to elegant homes of any size through industrial complexes, medical and food grade facilities and greenhouses. With a medical grade option the units are exceptionally hygienic. The easy to clean buildings are naturally pest resistant by being constructed completely of materials unattractive to rodents and insects. Our materials and structures can span shipping and trucking industries providing durable maintenance free shipping containers that can also be efficiently temperature regulated if required. The applications for our technology is limitless and poised to advance the standards across a variety of industries and markets. With interior and exterior cladding options the structure can flexibly fit the exact demands of any project as required.

The advantage of the EHT structural system coupled with our energy systems reduces the heating and cooling requirements of the building by as much as 70%. This is due to responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes and patented products that are the foundation of our company. The walls used in our structural systems virtually eliminates all thermal bridging. This means when our system heats or cools our buildings it loses no energy to the outside environment. The thermally inert materials we use not only prevent the loss of energy to the outside environment but also, due to the construction of the material, does not allow energy to be wasted heating through walls and other construction materials.